The design focuses on the process of sitting on a chair, as well as the interaction 
between the user and the chair while using it.
Just like taking a breath, BREATHING is a chair that can elastically transform and 
vividly provide the full support for people to sit on. When the user sits on the 
chair, the edges of the chair automatically become the armrest; also, when the 
user stands up from the chair, the chair returns to the original shape of a cube. 
The changing of shape is resulted from the weight of the user and the texture of 
the material, instead of using any mechanism.

Sitting process

Transforming Direction

The front edge (F) sinks when the user gives her weight on it, and the side edges (S) are pulled down by this strength and moreover become the armrest. When the user stands up, on the other hand, there is the rebound of the material to push each side back, making the chair change back to the original cube.

Full support

Different shapes from different people

2009 Red dot award
2009 selected in Young Designer's Exhibition
2009 selected in Soulangh Design 100 Cool